Central Oregon Military Officers Association of America (COMOAA)


  1. Promote the aims of The Military Officers Association of America.
  2. Further the legislative and other objectives of the MOAA
  3. Encourage and facilitate camaraderie among retired, active, reserve, national guard and former officers of the Uniformed Services
  4. Provide useful services for, and to protect the interests of, the members, their dependents and survivors
  5. Promote the aims of the MOAA by engaging in community service activities


Chapter Membership Criteria: men and women who are serving or have served on active duty or in one of the National Guard or Reserve components as a commissioned or warrant officer in one of the United States uniformed services: Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, Space Force, Coast Guard, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and Public Health Service.   

There are three classes of membership: regular, auxiliary (surviving spouse) and honorary.

MEETINGS (see COMOAA Meetings element below)

Monthly Dinner Meetings: Held to provide for social interaction and chapter information updates.

Annual Meeting: an annual meeting of the Chapter is held during the forth calendar quarter for the receipt of annual reports, the determination of annual dues for the next calendar year, the election of officers and directors and the transaction of other business.

Board of Directors Meetings: held monthly (first Wednesday).


The elected officers and directors of the Chapter are: President, 1stVice President, 2ndVice President, Secretary, Treasurer, the immediate past president, and five directors.


The standing committees of the Chapter currently include Membership, Legislative, Personal Affairs, ROTC Liaison, Chaplain, Scholarhship, Surviving Spouse, Communication/Web Master, and SITREP Editor.


The chapter publishes and distributes, via email, the SITREP, a monthly newsletter that contains announcements of chapter events, important notices and articles of general interest to members.

The chapter maintains this website containing the current SITREP, member directory, member email list, BOD meeting minutes, annual dues payment options,news and information, downloadable documents, "Useful Links" to other websites, a “fillable” new member application form and much more.

A printed Membership Directory is also published and distributed to chapter members and their spouses every two yeas. This directory is also posted on the website. Since the directory contains personal information, care is taken not to disseminate this information outside the organization.

To become a member, please click Join COMOAA Now  and follow the instructions provided under "New Member Instructions." 

COMOAA PO Box 7826 Bend OR 97708

[email protected]


MONTHLY DINNER MEETINGS: held most months during the year at various restaurants in Bend & Redmond. Details for all dinner meetings are addressed in the monthly SITREP. NOTE: YOU MUST BE A MEMBER AND REGISTERED ON THE SITE TO VIEW THE SITREP. Note: COVID-19 necessitated a number of cancellations and schedule changes in 2020 and the 2021 schedule is dynamic.

ANNUAL BUSINESS MEETING: Held in conjunction with a monthly dinner meeting in the fourth annual quarter.

MONTHLY BOARD OF DIRECTOR MEETINGSThese meetings are conducted monthly on the 1st Wednesday of the month at 1500 hours. Locations may vary; due to COVID-19, many have been conducted virtually.  

If you have questions regarding COMOAA meetings contact us: [email protected] 



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